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About us / Who we are

G-Cubed has been founded upon the belief of attentive and responsive customer service, strong project management, and a conscious effort to control cost for our clients. The quality of our professionals, our focus on understanding and responding to our clients' needs, and our application of good business management practices have resulted in most new projects originating from our existing customer base.

Over the years, our professionals have faced the challenges of a constantly changing industry. Shifting federal, state and local regulations, and technical innovations have vastly impacted the way businesses work. Throughout it all, our team has remained dedicated to our clients, helping to indentify practical solutions to help them achieve their objectives.

G-Cubed is proud to be located in the valleys of Bluff Country in the Southeast corner of Minnesota. Our main office is located on Highway 52 in Chatfield, just 20 miles south of Rochester. We are also proud to be working with our partners at several satellite offices throughout the state.

Meet our Team

  • Geoffrey Griffin - CEO

    507-867-1666 ext 102

  • Mark Welch - Principal Engineer

    507-867-1666 ext 105

  • Christopher Priebe - Engineering Specialist

    507-867-1666 ext 104

  • Jacob Frank - CAD Designer

    507-867-1666 ext 103

  • Daniel Tilsen - Project Manager


  • Tayler Shaw - Survey Crew

    507-867-1666 ext 101

  • Bradley Vrieze - Survey Crew Chief

    507-867-1666 ext 107

  • Dennis Fisher - Survey Crew

    507-867-1666 ext 107

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Our staff of qualified project managers, engineers, technicians, surveyors and environmental experts are ready to help you in the design and implementation of your project.